“A mature and elevated sophistication” described the wishes of the The Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition’s annual fundraising gala: Inspiration Celebration. As a nonprofit organization within the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, The Fischoff’s annual gala is one of the largest fundraisers for the association. The leadership sought to refresh the event through the combination of a new visual identity and an immersive musical experience. Through a close partnership with the Executive Director, and by extension the Board of Trustees, I brought those dreams to reality.
This event rotated-around a performance by the Thalea String Quartet, an award-winning and captivating group of musicians, so it was fitting to incorporate a modern illustration of a string-instrument. After seeing the proposed invite design, The Fischoff insisted I design the remaining items for the event, including emails, on-site needs (print and digital), social posts, and a video featuring provided footage from past Fischoff performers.
Deliverables: Print, Web, Email, Environment, Social, Video
My Roles: Account/Client Relations, Art/Creative Direction, Concept Development, Content Creation, Graphic Design, Production Quality Control, Project Management, Vendor Management

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